It’s late in San Juan, and I am getting on my beloved Silver Wind. Although it’s windy the tropical night is warm and humid. I had the momentanous feeling that it was going to be my last time on the  Silver Wind. Perhaps the fate of this classic ship was sealed as an exploration ship as the twin ship the Silver Cloud. It’s the third time and I feel I am in my own yacht. 

The ship was quiet at 2:00. I was boarding quite late, and everybody were sleeping. I had had a long flight from Madrid to Miami and a horrendous from Miami to San Juan with American Airlines. Nothing bad about the airline itself but it was so windy at the airport that the pilot had done a terrific job stabilizing the B787-800 after a landing attempt. I was “home” and too sleeping. Bed time. 

The tropical sun was getting through and I woke up. Each suite, on the Silver Wind has a butler service. It was the first smile in the morning. It’s time to please me and time for options. Pillows menu, personalize my minibar according to my tastes (atlhough it’s all inclusive, I love chilled champagne always ready), and time to choose the amenities. Usually Bulgari, Salvatore Ferragamo, and a hipo allergenic one. 

I looked around my spacious suite. The bed is gorgeous. There’s a timeless classical european elegant correctness everywhere. Solid wood furniture, burgandy colours, a huge walkin closet, lots of storage and a delighful mable bathroom. Absolutely well stocked. I hurry up, and went up to the buffet. 

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