SILVER WIND: A night at La Terraza

Caribbean nights are warm and bright. The Silver Wind was sailing softly to Saint Maarten. I had booked an outside table at La Terrazza. The Silversea slow food option at the buffet at dinner time. Being italians, the company thinks food is an art and part of culture. 

Slow food means the finnest ingredients, cooked with love and using the most traditional recipes of the regional italian gastronomy. The moon was particularly big and was shinning in a really charming way. There was a flow of light dying the Caribbean sea. I went to go for a walk at deck before going down to the Alfresco area. All tables were set. No nominal charge is required.

  I love starting with the traditional sampling of Italian antipasti. Salami, parmigiano, and different small bites. Meals start with a welcome glass of pre prosecco. Ravioli and pasta are freshly prepared, and there are lovely entrees. I decided to go for the lamb, and put an end with a delightfull raspberry panna cotta cake. Wine selection is always perfect.

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