Flying to Brazil

AF447 or Air France flight that falls in the middle of the Atlantic, while flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. The first A330 lost in one of the most frightening accidents in aviation history. Crossing the Equator usually makes aircrafts to fly into “stormy danger areas” through a hostile environment, and corridors filled with formidable perfect storms. After making my up, I had decided to go. Fly to Rio, and I did it just on another A330; Air Portugal was the airline. And before starting it caused me some uneasiness. I close my bags and went to the airport. Brazil, here I go. 

The fare was especially good. The weather forecast wasn’t that good. A mass of clouds as black sins, covered Lisbon. Well, stroms won’t stop me now. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Ilheus, Buzios, Salvador. The idea was to see a mini compendium of an exciting country. 
The festive city of Rio; A Megacity as Sao Paulo, the monumental Salvador, the colonial city of Ilheus and chocolate destination, and Buzios, a kind of coastal  pretty spot ideal for seaside pleasures. A brief sampling of Brazil. Air Portugal is an airline which is a pleasure to fly with. New aircraft, fine food, and although the approach to Lisbon was slightly turbulent, the flight to Rio wasn’t too troublesome.
Awesome vertical take off on the lovely A330, configured with individual screens, good pitch, confortable seats. After leaving behind the stormy area, the sky after overflying the Canary Islands was especially quiet and clean. Day flight, and after tasting a typical Portuguese food where cod “portuguese style” is a must, I am ready for my “fear of flying” therapy.
 All flights in my case last two hours: Londo-Singapore-two hours, Madrid-Moscow-two hours, Lisbon-Rio-two hours. It is the effect of Trankimazin (powerfull ansiolitic) with beer often taken after the meal. I woke up to have a final snack before landing. I looked out of the window and could see a green rugged mountainous landscape. We were approaching to Rio de Janeiro.
Before getting to the hotel, we had to cross the Linea Vermelha, infamous highway, linking the airport with the city and a source of security problems. High number of robberies, shootings etc. My local guide, makes fun of the reputation of this highway portion. Lock the doors, don’t stop at traffic lights, hold on tight. And RUN.  My driver-bodyguard-driver was driving real fast. Brazilian way.  

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