It was terribly hot at San Juan. Walking around the old town was not a nice option. I had read about El Yunque. One of the biggest rain forest in the country. Silversea excursion was not really expensive. The tiny coach was waiting outside. Again my mother´s illness come to my mind.

Dear readers, sorry to introduce my personal feelings. I was feeling bad this morning, and needed to get into a quiet place. At about one hour away, we had been told to take plenty of things against rain. And in El Yunque, it rains a lot. Being one of the most remarkable nature park, it boast to offer one of the richest ecosystem in the world.

Dozens of exotic animals, flowers and even Christian Dior took his peculiar scented flower to produce the famous perfume Poison. After a short visit to the visitor areas, we were left to wander along the trails, hearing the noise of the waterfalls, and healing our minds.

I will always remember the scent of the wet soil, mixed with plants. I close my eyes and enjoy every single second


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